cnc 온화한 강철판 섬유 레이저 강철 플레이트 절단기

강철 레이저 절단기

제품 설명

1.Streamlined design originated from EU; adopt overall welded and annealing heat treatment technology to eliminate the machine stress, good rigidity and high accuracy, to ensure the prolonged use without deformation
2.Use double screws and dual-servo motor transmission mechanism which can significantly improve the machine reliability and cutting speed
3.Full-digital CNC controls servo motor
4.Gantry structure, use international top-notch brand speed reducer and high precision linear guide rail, balance transmission, high accuracy
5.Overall casting aluminum beam, the first processing was preceded after two times annealing treatment, then VSR (vibratory stress relief) and high precision processing forming.
6.Adopt world-class full-automatic electric proportional valves which can precisely control the cutting assist gas pressure in order to achieve best cutting results.
7.Outside fiber circuit is maintenance-free, and the vulnerable components consumption is very low
8.Professional fiber laser cutting software with drawing layout and acute angle smoothing functions is conductive to realize high-speed punching and marking function.

9.Compact overall layout needs small floor area, especially suits metal processing enterprises in advertising industry..

주요 특징

1.Supporting AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, LXD and other format graphics, accepted international standard G-codes generated by Master Cam, Type3, Wentai and other software.
2.Automatically optimize external DXF files, including: removing the duplicate lines and minimal graphics, automatically distinguishing internal and external modules and sorts etc, and merging connected lines. All the aforementioned functions can be realized by customization or by hand.
3.Supporting common editing and typesetting functions, including zoom, move, mirror, rotate, align, cope and combination etc.
4.Setting the direction of in/out lines and cutting seam compensation, and executing in line inspection
5.Supporting curve segmentation, merging, curve smoothing, text converting curve, parts merging, breaking up etc.
6.Automatic layout function saving time and labor, automatically lace and off-cut
7.Plate can be easily fully covered through a variety of layout ways
8.Flexible and diverse automatic sorting and manual sorting functions that can lock processing sequence of internal graphics through groups
9.Unique processing sequence, simulate interactive mode for viewing processing sequence.
10.One key sets cutting path. more easy and efficient
11.Support segmental punching, progressing punching, grouping pre-punching, and support separately setting laser power, frequency, laser forms, gas type, air pressure, peak current, delay, following heights etc during punching or cutting course
12.Real-time editing frequency and power curve and setting related low-speed starting parameters
13.Powerful material base, all the technology parameters can be stored for second use.
14.Breakpoint memory function, breakpoint forward and backward retrospect, and part graphics processing is accessible
15.Supports any point positioning when machine pause or stopping, and can start from any point
16.One set of software is suitable for cutting tube and plate, and the programming way is identical, supporting intersecting cutting.
17.Supporting height-fixed cutting and outboard following cutting
18.Supporting various cutting ways, precise positioning
19.Strong scalability, up to more than 30 PLC programs, more than 50 programmable process
20.Programmable input/output port, supporting programmable alarm input
21.Support wireless handheld box, Ethernet remote control system

빠른 세부 사항

신청 : 레이저 절단
조건 : 새로운
레이저 타입 : 섬유 레이저
적용 가능한 물자 : 금속
절단 두께 : 0-30mm
절단 영역 : 3000mm * 1500mm
절삭 속도 : 35m / min
CNC 여부 : 예
냉각 모드 : 물 냉각
Control Software:Cypcut
지원되는 그래픽 형식 : AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Place of Origin: Auhui, China (Mainland)
브랜드 이름 : ACCURL
인증 : CE, ISO, SGS
판매 후 서비스 제공 : 해외 기계류에 서비스를 제공 할 수있는 엔지니어
레이저의 파워 : 500W / 1000W / 2000W / 3000W
잡업 공간 : 1500mmX3000mm / 2000mmX4000mm / 2000mmmX6000mm
Air system: TaiWan AirTAC
servo motor and driver:Schneider
linear guider: HiWin
Bearings: SKF
Table load weight: 1600 kg
Function: metal cutting
Name: cnc fiber laser steel plate cutting machine


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